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Conscious Clothing with Anita Costello

August 7, 2020

You don't need a lot to look good, to look put together.  –Anita Costello

In this episode of the Plan Simple Meals Podcast, I’m really excited to talk with Anita Costello, the designer at Bacah, a sustainable clothing company, about minimalism, fashion, and making conscious choices. 

She was always, even as a child interested in fashion and credits her mother with that interest, but she says minimalism is really connected to parenting for her. Having go-to, simple outfits that made her feel good made things so much easier. She realized that you don’t need a lot to look good and put together. It’s about being true to your style. You can look nice, not frumpy, by choosing pieces that look good AND feel good. 

We also talked about sustainability, because it’s easy to buy clothes without even thinking about what you are supporting. I think this is especially true if you spend a lot of money on your kids and put your own closet last or when you are pressed for time and want a quick choice. 

We talk about: 

  • Being honest with yourself about what your style is
  • Knowing your core colors and understanding your silhouette and what is flattering
  • Questions to ask when shopping to maintain a minimalist closet
  • Making trendy things the smallest portion of your wardrobe
  • Questions to ask and things to think about when it comes to sustainable style
  • Knowing who you are supporting when you purchase clothing


Anita Costello is the founder and designer of the eco-aware brand Bacah. Her mantra, “Life is complicated enough, what you choose to wear doesn’t have to be.” Click here for styles to help you uncomplicate your closet.


Doable Changes from this episode:

  • LEARN ABOUT YOUR STYLE. Understanding your style means having clothes that look and feel good. Start with Anita’s sheet on vertical body shape to understand what is flattering. Pay attention when people tell you to look amazing in a cut or color. Notice what colors you are drawn to again and again. Do you love jewelry or shoes or other accessories? Notice which pieces in your wardrobe you gravitate to. Ask yourself what it is about these pieces. 
  • READ LABELS. Start to understand your clothing by reading labels. Notice what materials clothing is made from. Pay attention to where things were made. As you look at new pieces, pay attention labels. Ask why the t-shirt only costs $3. Ask yourself if you really need 10 t-shirts or if one or two more sustainable tops would serve you better. You do not have to revamp your whole wardrobe, start to notice and make a choice about one item. Then another.
  • DECIDE AHEAD WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO WEAR. If mornings are hectic, try planning advance what you will wear for the next day. (You could even set up several days in advance.) Layout each outfit in a convenient place or hang it together in your closet.

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